Quail Lane's RL English Leather, CDX, JH, SH, MH, CGC, WDX

(Calvdale Jest-a-While at Carskip ex Regency's Bewitched, WD)

          March 18, 1990 to December 28, 2002          

OFA - Good, CERF - Clear

Yankee was the best of both worlds. He was the product of an English Showbred Import sire and an American Showbred dam. He was able to do anything we were smart enough to teach him. Unfortunately he had a distinct dislike for the showring and was only been shown on a limited basis. At the age of 8 he's earned his Master Hunter title to be only the second ALL show bred dog to achieve this title. Two months after earning this he's finished his CDX. Yankee was truely one of a kind.....happy pheasant flushing old man........

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Quail Lane's RL English Leather, CDX,JH,SH,MH,WDX,CGC

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