Stud Requirements

These are our basic requirements. Please email for more detailed information and any specific questions.

Our requirements of a bitch to be bred to one of our males are as follows: OFA certification (or PennHIP in the 50th percentile or OVC passing) hips, a normal ACVO eye exam within a year of the date of the intended breeding, proof of PFK clear status, PRA DNA clear or carrier status, and a good temperament with people and other dogs. You must also have proof of a clear brucellosis test dated not more than one month prior to bringing your bitch in to be bred.

We will not breed to dogs who show any signs of aggression towards people or other dogs.

If you live in the United States and wish to have your dogs hips certified as clear of hip dysplasia, your best bet is to use either OFA or PennHIP (in Canada one would utilize OVC, through the University of Guelph).

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) is one option. Most veterinarians (but not all) can take the X-ray required by OFA and can send off the X-ray for you. Costs vary, but should be well under $200. You may visit the OFA web site by clicking here.

PennHIP is another option for hip certification. A veterinarian must be certified by PennHIP to be able to take this series of three X-rays and submit them for interpretation. To find a vet near you, please click here and choose your state in the first blank area and PennHIP under the blank area that says select a special interest. To read more about the PennHIP process, please click here. Costs vary wildly, from $170 to upwards of $300 for adult dogs.

Eye certification should have been done on your puppy before it went home to determine whether it had Retinal Dysplasia, among other things. Regardless of whether this certification was done at that time, you should eye check any dog you want to breed each year you wish to breed the animal. Just because a dog's eyes were clear at age 3 does not mean that her eyes are permanently clear. Cataracts and other things can appear at any age. Progressive Retinal Atrophy has a late onset.

Eye exams cannot be performed by the average vet. They must be performed by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist. To find one near you, please click here. Costs vary from around $20 to $70.

PFK testing is crucial. We are fortunate to have a genetic test available for this disease. We have a new favorite company who does this test at a reasonable price and in double quick time! Check out Veterinary Diagnostics Center. Price is ~$68, and turn around time is 10 business days. We've been very impressed with this outfit.

PRA DNA testing is now possible thanks to many donations of blood samples, pedigrees and money to the ESSFTA Foundation. You will find information and forms here. There is about a 3 month wait at this time for results of this DNA test. Please think ahead of when your bitch is due to be in season so that you have your results in time.

Brucellosis testing can be done by most veterinarians. Please call your vet for more details. We require a test done no more than one month before the intended breeding date, and really prefer you do it right after your female comes in season.


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