Raintree Seafaring Temptress, SH


DOB August 1, 2013

OFA Hips - Excellent, OFA Elbows - Normal, PFK - Clear, PRA - Clear Non-Carrier, Eyes CERF Clear - 2 Years


Mynx is from Cathy Lewis and Dean Reinke's Sail x Petra litter. She is a smart, outgoing little girl who is already giving the boys a run for their money!



Raintree Seafaring Temptress, SH
AFC Raintree Top Sail
NFC FC AFC Eagle Brea's Good Sport
Carra Carousel of Glendevitt
Warrener's Downey Woodpecker FC Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladecourt
FC AFC CFC Rosebay Clover

Trial Record

2014 Puppy Trial Record
2015 Puppy Trial Record
2015 Field Trial Record
NE Wisconsin - 2nd Place
Utah Spring - 3rd Place
Pawnee FSC Amateur - 4th Place
Central Wisconsin - 3rd place
Timpanagos Spring - 4th Place
San Fernando Valley - 3rd Place
NWESSC - 1st place
Missouri Headwaters - 1st place


Rose Lane Field Bred English Springer Spaniels
Gunther & Barbara Boettcher