Lighthouse Classy Chassis





DOB October 13, 2015

PFK - Clear, PRA - Clear Non-Carrier, Eyes CERF Clear - 10 Weeks CHIC Certified

Bentley is a joy to be around, wonderful personality! He has amassed a few all age placements and is well on his way to being a sound trial dog as well has companion.



Lighthouse Classy Chasss
FC AFC Warrener's Long Eared Owl
FC AFC Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladencourt
FC Rytex Relie
Lighthouse Black Magic Woman Woodbine Lighthouse Wakuta
Lighthouse n Rose Lane's Orca

Trial Record

2018 Field Trial Record
2019 Field Trial Record
2019 Field Trial Record
Iowa Fall - Open 3rd Handled by Jason Givens
Utah Spring - Amateur 3rd Handled by Gunther

Rose Lane Field Bred English Springer Spaniels
Gunther & Barbara Boettcher

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