At Rose Lane we are very proud of the accomplishments of our dogs both in the show ring and in performance events. Among these accomplishments we are the owner, trainer, handler of only the second All Show Bred Master Hunter, Quail Lane RL English Leather, MH, CDX, CGC, WDX, in the history of the breed. Our goal was always to produce dogs who are competitive in all aspects of the breed and most importantly who are healthy, happy companions. An example of this success is Double Specialty Winner and Canadian National High in Trial Ch. Rose Lane's Amber Queen, CDX, JH, TD, C.CD.

As with all things there is a time to change..........

Enjoying the friendship and generosity that stems from the field side of this multifaceted breed. We have since moved from the show side of the breed to the field bred English Springer Spaniel. This was a move we have wanted to make for a number of years, but felt that we needed to be able to provide the commitment necessary to run and eventually produce top trial dogs and hunting companions.

Our goal with our Field Bred dogs is to run and produce not only competitive trial dogs but great house dog/hunting companions.

We do not tolerate any form of dog to dog or dog to human agression, timidity or hyper-activity in any of our dogs or those used in our breeding program.

We are members of ESSFTA, the Parent Club of the breed, NWESSC and PSESSA




Rose Lane Field Bred English Springer Spaniels
Gunther & Barbara Boettcher

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